Serie de manuales de instrucciones, octubre 2014, 4695 palabras.

Captura de pantalla de 2015-03-22 12:36:581 CHARACTERISTICS

Timer switch that incorporates a radio-frequency receiver, allowing it to be switched on by a signal received via radio waves, as well as by wired pushbutton switches.

Compatible with movement detectors DM SEN R01, DM SEN R02 AND DM SEN R03, it can receive signals from up to 40 different detectors.

It works in the bandwidth 868.4Mhz to avoid saturating the radio frequency spectrum. The signal transmitted is encoded so that it can only be read by the corresponding receiver.

It can be sited up to 200m from detectors sited in open areas.

It accepts up to a maximum of 20 luminous pushbutton switches and an infinite number of non-luminous ones.

It incorporates a potentiometer to regulate the duration of the timing. The regulation range is from 30secs to 10mins.

High strength materials are used in the relay contacts which permit their use in installations with fluorescence.



The timer switch is equipped with an antenna which is necessary for its proper functioning and should not be tampered with.

The installation of the pushbutton switch is optional.


Normal operation

Once connected to the power supply, according to the wiring diagram in section 2, the timer switch will close its contacts when it receives a correct radio-frequency signal or when the wired pushbutton switch is pressed (optional).

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