La cultura de la violación. Guía para el caballero.

El Demonio Blanco de la tetera verde

Del original A Gentleman’s Guide to Rape Culture de Zaron Burnett III.

Si eres un hombre, formas parte de la cultura de la violación. Y sí, ya sé que suena duro; no eres necesariamente un violador, pero perpetúas comportamientos a los que comúnmente nos referimos como cultura de la violación.

Seguramente estarás pensando «Para quieto ahora mismo, Zaron, ¡ni siquiera me conoces, colega! Como se te ocurra insinuar que me molan las violaciones… No, yo no soy de esos, tío».

Sé cómo te sientes, tuve la misma respuesta cuando me dijeron a mí que formaba parte de la cultura de la violación. Suena fatal, pero imagínate andar por el mundo sin dejar de tener miedo a que te violen. Aun peor, la cultura de la violación no solo es una mierda para las mujeres, lo es para todas las que estamos involucradas en ella. Pero no  te obsesiones con la terminología…

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Vestido de Novia – Pierre Lemaitre

Uno de los libros que pegó fuerte en 2014 por su originalidad. Cuándo leí el título pensé que sería una de esas novelas pastelonas de princesas de calle ansiando encontrar a un príncipe gitano que descubra su jardín prohibido. Pero no, craso error. Nada que ver…

Si leéis la contraportada os encontraréis con esto: Sophie Duguet, la protagonista de esta novela no entiende que le sucede; pierde objetos, olvida situaciones y los cadáveres empiezan a acumularse a su alrededor.

Un verdadero desafio para los lectores “yo ya sabia lo que iba a pasar”, de eso nada. Con este libro no se podría decir. Una sucesión de hechos y giros argumentales a a cual mas sorprendente que el anterior que te hará desear encontrar un momento para descubrir con que te sorprende el autor a continuación. Nada es lo que parece, ni siquiera lo que te imaginas. Si le añadimos también…

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Observer’s Paradox

Yesterday I was sitting in front of my terrapins, watching them. I have a male one and a female one, and they’ve been devoting some of their time to courtship lately. Mainly the male one, as the female specimen looks quite unresponsive to the male’s advances and his display of attentions. They belong to the family Trachemys and, when they reach their sexual maturity, they perform a nuptial dance. Well, the male one does, mostly, although she performs it sometimes, when she’s in the mood, as if she was encouraging him not to lose heart.

As I sat there watching them, my male terrapin, Mafaldo, started dancing as he always does: palms of his little hands facing upwards, and fingers flickering lightly and swiftly producing delicate caresses on the female’s face. In the meantime, the female one, Chupachusa, sat right there, just like me, but without my curiosity or any remarkable prospect at acknowledging the male’s presence: eyes closed, just in case his extremely long fingernails land accidentally in them, legs retracted partially inside her shell. Contrary to her, I thought it was a very interesting event, and I proceeded to record it with my phone: there it goes! the ultra-potent beam of light from the camera instantly thwarted the romantic atmosphere of the moment! Mafaldo lost all concentration and command of his limbs, unwillingly slapping Chupachusa in the face. What a mess! Then, they were both looked at me, accusingly, like saying: “What the hell are you staring at, you voyeur?”

Ashamed, I retreated and turned the camera off, apologetically…

And it all reminded me of Labov’s concept of the Observer’s Paradox when he was studying the use of AAVE (African American Vernacular English) to position himself against the “legend” which said AAVE was a symptom of verbal deprivation (white centric bigots…). He did this by means of using narrative analysis, that is, studying the interviewee’s verbal behaviour during their narratives of their own personal experience, given that people tend to use vernacular in that case. Apart from reaching the conclusion that AAVE is equally rich and effective as “normative” American English, he came across different responses from the interviewees, which led him to acnowledge the fact that the observed person may change their discourse to a more formal one if the observer seems distant, aloof, belongs to a different social extraction, has a different gender, race, age or speaks a different kind of vernacular. Thus, he had to investigate in order to minimize his impact as an observer.

So, next time I’ll were a shell-like helmet.

Review of The Story of Q, by Allan Hunter.

<a href=”; style=”float: left; padding-right: 20px”><img alt=”The story of Q” border=”0″ src=”×148-bcc042a9c91a29c1d680899eff700a03.png&#8221; /></a><a href=””>The story of Q</a> by <a href=””>Allan Hunter</a><br/>
My rating: <a href=”″>4 of 5 stars</a><br /><br />

Altered state 2013-10-08-175333
Bildungsroman about the life of Derek, regarded as different since childhood. Derek narrates his journey being queer in a squareminded society where the youngsters, contrary to popular belief, are the quintessence of conventionalism. Full of allusions and interesting references to other authors to take into consideration in the quest for self-discovery, as Derek is eager to learn what is “wrong” with him and this fact invites the reader to wonder and investigate. Through its pages we travel across the scant effects of hippy America in some southern universities – to Derek’s disappointment – during the seventies, and the stark difference between traditional views on women – held by some young ladies in the universities where Derek studied – and women’s lib movement – including an allusion to Valerie Solanas -. Highly recommendable.
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Expat Tips

Hilarious account of an expat’s adventures in Germany…

The American Faultier

1. Be flexible
There will inevitably be something that does not work out quite as planned. I naively expected to dive into work right away, but it turned out that my basic school German was not good enough, even for teaching English. My original plan was to get steady work and then work on my German – that plan had to be reversed.
There could be problems with visas or living situations. The previous owner of our apartment kept asking for more time to move out. The Verlobter purchased the place in the spring with the promise that the previous owners would be out by September, so we were not terribly flexible on that.
You can’t anticipate what will go wrong, but you should probably anticipate that something will. Prepare for many deep breaths and looking on the bright side.

Sometimes you drop an unopened jar of off-brand Nutella on the ground.  Sometimes the punches are hard, but you have to roll with them. Sometimes you drop an unopened jar of off-brand Nutella on…

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