Proofreading for traditional Italian Caffetteria, original text in Italian, 1859 words, 17th October 2014.

Red blend: Strong, distinctive, full-bodied and with a clean taste, perfect for a charge of energy. Black blend: An excellent blend for its flavor, aroma and creaminess in the cup. A blend of high-quality types of coffee, roasted, ground and packaged in a protective atmosphere. Available in capsules and pods. Golden blend: the highest expression of the Neapolitan tradition, full and lingering flavor. Dek blend: this mixture keeps cream, body and flavor to offer you all the sweet taste of a genuine espresso, but…decaffeinated. Blue blend: with a balanced and well-rounded flavor, full-bodied, creamy and, at the same time, toasty and dosed. A unique and soft coffee, able to cause the envy of your watering hole.

Bourbon coffee sale: all the capsules and pods with Black, Blue, Golden, Red and Dek blend; find the deals and take advantage of free shipping!

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Sale: Coffee, barley, solubles, tea and infusions in pods, capsules (compatible with Lavazza and Nespresso), coffee beans. Reseller of bar line.

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