I love Margaret Atwood

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I love Margaret Atwood.  I would say that I was her biggest fan, but I suspect that line of thinking would descend into a childish competition with other rivals to the claim.

In honour of Atwood’s new book, ‘The Heart Goes Last’, I’ve decided to take stock and share my top 5 Atwood novels.  This is a list of personal favourites and the criteria has been simple: which books do I re-read most often.  You’ll see that this has meant a certain wonderful novel has been left off the list because, while I will never dispute it’s genius, I rarely re-read it and it’s certainly not an old friend in way my chosen five truly are.  Also, because I never want to live in a world in which there are no new Atwood novels for me to read,* I’ve started to ration myself when it comes to her recent publications…

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