A Reader’s Notebook: Letting Books Live On by Melanie Fuemmeler

Nerdy Book Club

As a classroom teacher, I always felt it second nature to share my reading life.  After all, I had 28 beaming faces (well, most were beaming) looking at me each day to guide them as readers, writers, mathematicians, historians, and scientists.  Sharing what I loved to read with my kids was a favorite part of the day.  While book recommendations got a decent amount of energy going around some books, it didn’t take me long to realize that the long-term excitement I had hoped it would bring simply wasn’t there.  The cycle went something like this–I (or a student) did a book talk, students got jazzed about that book, everyone wanted it (even the kids who had no intention of reading it), everyone read it (or pretended to), and then the inevitable, “Now what?”  That last part always bothered me.  Why was I always the one they looked to answer…

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